Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Miistro music lessons taught?
All Miistro music lessons are taught at the teacher's home studio, the student's home, or via video chat online. 

In what cities does Miistro currently operate?
Miistro is currently offering lessons in London and Woodstock, Ontario.

Will Miistro be offering lessons in other cities?
Yes! We are in the midst of recruiting awesome teachers in various cities throughout Ontario, so stay tuned as we announce the various cities that we will be serving soon!

How does payment work?
On the last day of each month, an invoice will be sent via e-mail for all lessons to occur in the following month. 
Payment for lessons that month is due 48 hours before the first lesson of that month. 
Payment can be made either via an Interac E-Transfer sent to or via the payment option attached to the invoice. None of your credit card information is retained by Miistro. 

Do you have a Miistro building where you offer lessons?
No :)
One of the unique things about Miistro is that we don't have a designated building where we offer lessons. Rather, all lessons take place at either the teacher's home studio, the student's home, or online. 
This is how lessons have been taught around the world for centuries, so we're not trying to reinvent the wheel. We're just trying to make it more efficient. 
Because we don't have a brick and mortar location, our company overhead is lower, which allows us to pay our teachers more and have better teacher retention. In traditional music academies, oftentimes the teacher only makes 50% of the lesson fee paid by the student, which makes it difficult for the teacher to continue teaching, reducing consistency for students.

I'm new to music lessons and don't have an instrument. Where can I rent an instrument to use during lessons? 
If you're interested in starting lessons but don't quite know if you want to commit to purchasing your own instrument, Long & McQuade is a really great spot to rent instruments at reasonable prices.

I need to get books for my music lessons. Where should I purchase them?
You can order most music books from, or you can also purchase them from Long & McQuade. :)

Can I cancel or reschedule a lesson?
You are absolutely able to cancel or reschedule a lesson by contacting your teacher ONE WEEK before the requested cancellation. 

What if I cancel lessons with less than one week's notice say in the event of sickness or forgetting a lesson?
In the event that a lesson is cancelled or missed with less one week's notice, no make up lessons or credits will be issued. It is our goal to create consistency in terms of the schedules and livelihood of our teachers while being able to accommodate our students as well. Unfortunately, when it comes to a teacher's time, each lesson slot that is missed is like a teacher losing their potential to teach and therefore sustain their career. We understand that things such as sickness, other plans, or even bad traffic come up occasionally, and while we would love to be able to offer a makeup lesson or credit, due to the nature of our business and scale, we are unable to do so.

What if my teacher doesn't show up or cancels last minute?
In the event that a teacher doesn't show up to a lesson or cancels last minute, you will be given the option of either putting together a makeup lesson (to be arranged directly with your teacher) or receiving a credit for the missed lesson. All make up lessons and/or credits must be disclosed to our administration at

Does Miistro have any recitals or opportunities to perform?
Yes! Twice a year, Miistro puts on a recital for our students. One at Christmas, and the other at the end of June. We are so proud of the accomplishments and hard work of our teachers and students, and we want to be able to celebrate that by allowing students to perform for family and friends in an encouraging and fun environment!

Do lessons occur during the summer?
Yes! Miistro lessons do occur throughout the summer, although some students and/or teachers may prefer to take July and August off due to vacations or other summer plans. If you are wanting to take the summer off or continue taking lessons throughout, then please discuss directly with your teacher and notify Miistro accordingly at




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