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Try an Instrument Day is a fun event presented by London Children's Museum and where children of all ages will receive a personalized journey with a music teacher exploring which instrument is their perfect fit! Throughout the museum, several music teachers from will be stationed with their instrument to give your children a fun first taste of what it's like to play a real instrument! All participants will be given short individual “micro lessons” where they will be able to have fun and start to unlock their inner Mozart!

Children will be given a passport at the start of the event with the task of trying every instrument in the museum. Your kids will be able to walk away from the event having been given an authentic first introduction into what it’s actually like playing a guitar, a piano, the drums, and more!


As well, if your kids find an instrument they like, they will be given a 25% discount on their first month of music lessons through

It’s going to be an exciting and great event for the whole family!

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