There are a lot of musicians out there, but not all of them are qualified to teach.

It’s one thing to be a recording artist or a rockstar, but it takes a uniquely talented and disciplined musician to become a music teacher.

Lucky for you, we at Miistro pride ourselves in matching you with the perfect music teacher from the get go! But maybe you’re reading this and you haven’t yet signed up for our help. Or maybe you’ve just recently enrolled and want to make sure the teacher we’ve selected is in fact the best fit.


Whatever the case, here are 6 qualities to look for in a music teacher!

Music Teachers Are Positive & Approachable

Your music teacher should create a positive, uplifting, encouraging and inspiring environment. Learning music is hard work and the time spent practicing can be draining. A good teacher will celebrate the student’s efforts and always work to keep things upbeat!

Music Teachers Aren’t Afraid to Challenge Your Student!

Does your teacher believe that everyone can reach their full potential? A good teacher isn’t afraid to push a student to new heights. They’ll say, “Good! Good. Now, go further!” And when a student doesn’t believe new heights are possible, that’s a when a teacher must believe in the student’s potential the most.

Music Teachers Are Safe!

At Miistro, all of our teachers are required to complete full background checks so you can rest assured. If you’re enrolling your young musician with a non-Miistro teacher, be sure to ask to see a recent police check. This is equally important with in-studio, at-home, or online lessons. Any responsible music teacher working with kids will be happy to provide one!

Music Teachers Appreciate All Music & Respect the Fundamentals

A disciplined teacher has an appreciation for more genres of music than his cover band plays on Saturday nights at the local pub. Music is built on fundamental concepts and responsible teachers won’t brush past these fundamentals to “get to the fun stuff.” Not every student will need (or understand) complex music theory - that certainly doesn’t disqualify them from music! But for your kids to not learn the basics simply because their teacher couldn’t be bothered is not right. You can rest assured that won’t happen at Miistro.

Music Teachers Identify Problems Quickly!

Whether teaching math, science, music or football, a good teacher is quick to diagnose problems and creative in solving them. It takes a truly compassionate and empathetic mind to realize when a lesson isn’t landing, to understand why, and then to adjust the lesson accordingly. When you meet your student’s prospective teacher, feel free to ask him or her about a time when he or she had to adjust their approach for a student who wasn’t getting a particular concept or technique. Their answer will tell you a lot.

Music Teachers Are Organized

If it’s a rock show at the local concert club, a musician might be able to get away with showing up late and winging it. All that stops when a musician sets out to teach your kids. A good music teacher is going to be able to tell you what long-term goals they have for your student and what kind of lesson plans they’re going to use week to week. After every lesson, the student should come home with a clear directive on what to practice, and it should be never be a mystery what skill or technique your young musician is working towards.

If there are indeed music teachers out there who have no business teaching, you can rest assured that Miistro doesn’t work with them. Our standards are high and we know that yours are too. If you’re seeking a teacher without our help, we trust that this list has given you a clear idea of the kind of individual you’re looking for. You’re allowed to be picky!

Of course, when you’re ready to enlist our help in finding the perfect music teacher for your young Mozart, we’re just an email away.

Happy practicing!

-Zach & The Miistro Blog Team

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