At Miistro, we believe that music lessons are about more than just music lessons.

When we take music lessons as a kid, we’re planting seeds for later in life.

Similarly, enrolling our kids in music lessons is a virtual guarantee that they’ll grow up smarter, more imaginative, and more resilient.


We’re into November now but even though it’s chilly outside. We’re holding onto autumn! It’s a time of growth, harvest and change, from Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton, right through Ontario to our headquarters in London. In keeping with that theme of growth, we asked Miistro teachers how learning music as kids helped them to grow into who they are today.

Without further ado, let’s talk about 4 Ways That Music Lessons Help You Grow.

Music Trains You to Show Up Every Day

“One of the biggest things,” says guitar teacher Nate, “would be the discipline of doing something over and over again.” Nate touches on a profound truth here. Our culture likes to tell us that we can have everything instantly, but we know that’s not really true. We know that if we want to be good at something, it takes hard work. It takes showing up every day to train.

Learning this difficult lesson in the context of music is a massive win for a young student. It sets us up for much greater success in every other facet of our lives, whether studying for a difficult test, interviewing for a dream job, or striving to be a steady & reliable spouse.

“It takes showing up every day,” Nate explains. “Even if you don’t see results right away, you will.”

Music Teaches You Creative Problem Solving

Nate also spoke about how learning music trains our minds to approach challenges in imaginative ways. When faced with a challenging piece, riff or groove, the young music student is taught to try thinking about it in a different way, to breathe differently, or analyze what he/she might be doing wrong.

“I use this ability everyday outside of music,” Nate explains. “When I need to uncover information at work that will lead to a better, more efficient meeting, I often need to sit back and think creatively about how to solve the problem. I’ll force myself out of my comfort zone, to see the problem through someone else’s eyes.”

That’s right. Learning music as a kid gives you skills to be more assertive and empathetic, no matter what career you choose.

Music Boosts Your Academic Proficiency

“I was kind of forced into piano lessons when I was 4,” says piano teacher and Miistro founder Zach Havens. “I dragged my feet for the first few years of playing but I started to see some major impacts on my life that were a direct result from taking lessons.”

Zach goes on to explain that while many of his peers struggled in high school with the challenges of math, the subtleties of English, and the emotional demands of drama, he found these classes quite easy and attainable. “I was able to succeed at the top of nearly every class I took, and this is largely thanks to the brain development I went through as a child taking piano lessons.”

Music Shows You How to Handle Pressure

“Another way that music lessons helped me grow is in handling pressure when I had to perform!” Zach tells of playing music in front of people since the age of 5. These experiences included competing in piano competitions and performing high-level classical pieces in front of massive audiences. The result? Zach developed a love for performing, and not just performing music. “As an adult, I’ve had countless opportunities to perform in front of others - business presentations, speeches at weddings, sales pitches, and many more.”

“My level of confidence going into these situations is quite high, and I credit that to my childhood spent standing in front of audiences to play music.” Zach goes on to explain that learning to handle the nerves as a child, when stakes were relatively low, trained him to handle those same feelings as an adult when the stakes are much higher!

As parents, we have the incredible responsibility of putting our children in opportunities where they can both win and lose. Why? So that they have the opportunity to confront the reality of failure while also learning to use the wins as fuel to cross the next hurdle.

We’re all on this journey. We all have areas of confidence and areas of insecurity. But music lessons, especially when taken at a young age, serve as rocket fuel on the journeys we embark upon. Through youth and then into adulthood, learning music lifts you higher, shoots you further, and helps you soar.

Click here to enroll your child in music lessons with Miistro today.

Until next time, happy teaching and keep growing!

Zach & The Miistro Team

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