As the holiday season approaches, we’re all seeking the perfect gift for youngsters in our lives.

We want something special, something that will stick with them for years to come.

While it is fun to give (and receive) the newest video game or clothing item, those presents are often here today, gone tomorrow.


If what you’re looking for is a gift that will make a real impact, you should put some thought into giving the gift of music lessons. Here are 3 reasons to give music lessons as a Christmas gift this year!

It’s Not “More Stuff”!

Kids are used to getting toys for Christmas. And let’s be honest, you’ll likely get them a couple things to play with anyway. But here’s the deal: Unlike some plastic contraption that’ll be sitting on a shelf come February, music lessons open your kid’s eyes to a new world. You don’t need us to tell you this, but research tells us life experiences lead to more lasting happiness than simply accumulating stuff. At this critical time in your kid’s development, music lessons will open their eyes to what’s possible outside of collecting more gadgets.

Their Personality Will Be Amplified

You might be thinking, “Amplified? I don’t like the sound of that!” but hear us out. Sure, music practice can be loud, especially when somebody is first learning. But while it may be quieter for kids to play on their devices, we know that screen time erases your kid’s opportunity to use his or her own imagination. Given the choice, wouldn’t you rather your home be filled with the sounds of your youngster’s personality coming to life? When we learn music, the instrument quickly becomes an extension of us. And kids, especially kids who may be struggling to fit in at school, will be thankful for that creative outlet!

Learning Music Helps Kids Excel in School

We talk about this a lot at Miistro, but only because it’s really, really important. Research is very clear that kids who learn music are statistically way more likely to excel in school. Subjects like math, languages, and art quickly become more accessible because the mind is being stretched in new ways during music practice. Also consider the discipline that will be called out of your child when practicing! That self-control will transfer directly to study and assignments, as will their confidence in their ability to conquer new challenges!

It’s our wholehearted belief here at Miistro that every child (not just kids with artistic aspirations, but every single child!) should study music. Learning a musical instrument changes kids’ lives, and that’s the truth.

The best part? We at Miistro are here to help match your kid with a local music teacher they’ll love. It’s easy, painless, and 100% safe. Just click here to get started.

To accompany the gift of music lessons, you might also consider putting an instrument under the tree. If you can’t find a good deal on a new keyboard, guitar or violin, remember that all these things are fairly easy to find used, often from friends and family!

When you’re doing your holiday shopping, remember that toys and devices are cool for a while, but the gift of music will impact your youngster forever. Happy holidays!

Happy playing!

Zach & the Miistro Team

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