Music teachers, how’s your lesson calendar looking?

For those of you whose calendars are looking a little less full than you’d like, it can be tough to know how to fill them.

Whether it’s school, a day job, or your other gigs, there always seems to be something else occupying your mind. If that’s you, then you’ll find tons of value packed into today’s post. We want to help all music teachers, so even if you're not currently a Miistro teacher, these tips can absolutely help you win.


Here are 6 strategies to help you get more students this month!

Get Involved in Your COMMUNITY

If you want students, you’ve got to be out in front of your community. What does this look like? Perform in a musical, or volunteer for your church’s music team. Ask about performing at the local farmer’s market or at a restaurant. When you contribute to your community on a practical level, prospective students (or their parents) will see the value in your talents and come to trust you. At Miistro, we partner with the Children’s Museum and offer summer camps - both these initiatives have built massive trust within our home base London, Ontario and beyond.

Be the Kind of Teacher People Are Looking For

It’s one thing to be a recording artist or a rockstar, but it takes a uniquely talented and disciplined musician to be a music teacher. Parents and students are picky, as well they should be. A couple weeks back, we published the blog post 6 Qualities to Look for in a Music Teacher. Take a look and make sure that you’re checking all those boxes for your prospective students.

Decide What Makes You DIFFERENT

Chances are you’re not the only music teacher in your area, but that’s OK. Every teacher has a different specialty. Your best strategy to fill your lesson calendar is to identity one or two offerings that make you unique. Maybe you’re the teacher who’s great at coaching classically trained pianists to hone their playing for their church worship teams. Or maybe you teach lessons in the city during the day so that adult students can learn during their lunch hour. There are many more ways for you to stand out as a teacher. Get creative!

Know How to Talk About Your Business

Here’s a thought: Everyone in your life should know that you teach music! Further, they should know what makes you unique! Why? Because everyone knows someone whose kid wants to learn to play, but they don’t know how to find a teacher. Maybe you already know this but just aren’t sure how to talk about your music lesson business. We get it. Follow this link to a video where the marketing experts at StoryBrand explain the value of having a one-liner and how to create one for your music teaching side hustle!

Meet with Other Music Teachers

You may see other music teachers in your area as your competition, but you’re missing out if that’s the case. Reach out to like-minded teachers! Offer to buy them coffee or a drink. Get to know them, their struggles, and what makes them different from you. You’ll learn a lot! These relationships can lead to them sending you students if they’re overbooked or on vacation, and vice versa!

Sign up for Miistro

Miistro exists to help connect students with music teachers like you. Just click here and you’ll be set up and ready to go in 3 easy steps. Then, when a student comes to us looking for a teacher like you, we’ll connect you! Couldn’t be easier!

Most of us are teaching music lessons as a side hustle to make sure the bills get paid while we’re in school or playing our other gigs. With so much going on, it can be really hard to set aside time to figure out how to grow your side business as a teacher. We get it. The strategies above will help.

Set aside one morning this week and brew a fresh pot of coffee. Follow these strategies step by step and you’ll quickly find yourself more focused, excited, and prepared to fill your calendar this Fall.

Happy teaching!

-Zach & The Miistro Blog Team

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