Today, we’re going to talk about how to make sure your child’s music practice area is optimized to help them win!

We know that learning a musical instrument in childhood gives our kids massive benefits later in life.

That’s part of why we enroll them in music lessons in the first place.

But between homework, chores, sports, music practice and good old-fashioned play time, there are some serious demands on a kid’s attention these days!


Even us grown-ups have a hard time focusing sometimes. Yep, I’m talking about that iPhone you’re reading this on! When it comes to focusing on the task at hand, we need all the help we can get.

We live busy lives, that’s not going to change. What can change is the environment that we set up for our kids to practice their music in. Here are 4 super tactical hacks for your kid’s practice area to help supercharge the time they spend rehearsing.

Pick the LOCATION carefully

If your young musician is easily distracted, try to set them up in an area that’s removed from the action. Maybe there’s a cool attic nook, a cozy area of the basement, or just a quiet corner of their bedroom. This will help them to get into “the zone.” Other kids are most able to focus when they’re near the action, so you might try to set them up somewhere closer to the main living area. Obviously music practice can be loud, so right at the kitchen table might not be ideal for the rest of the family.

Get picky about the CHAIR

If your young musician is going to be sitting down for his practice sessions, it’s worth putting some extra thought into the chair. Give them something that forces them to sit up, back straight.  Since playing requires a lot of movement, chairs without arms are usually ideal. In many cases, a simple stool will often suffice but put some thought into a cushion because those long practice sessions aren’t easy on your youngster’s behind. For budding pianists, make sure to talk to their teacher about the best height at which to set their keyboard.

Give the space PERSONALITY

One of the reasons we grown-ups like to keep decorations and trinkets at our desks at work is because it keeps us from being swallowed up into the corporate void. We’re all unique and remembering our individuality can help us do our best work! So after you’ve got a practice area set up, go ahead and add some personal touches. Maybe it’s a Wonder Woman poster, a couple action figures in the window sill, or some mood lighting picked out by your student.

Get the right GEAR

None of us grown-ups can do our jobs without the right tools. Try building without a hammer, or listing a house without the correct specs. Your young students needs to be set up for success too. She likely needs a music stand and a metronome. Guitarists will need a tuner, and pianists using a digital keyboard might want to play with headphones. An audio recorder often comes in handy and something in which to scribble progress logs is critical. While many of these tools can be found on your student’s mobile device (if they have one), you might consider getting them dedicated gear that doesn’t tempt with distractions like Instagram, SnapChat and YouTube.

You’d be surprised how many parents and students get the practice area wrong. Imagine a student coming to hate practicing, all because the music space at home just wasn’t comfortable! No way. Thankfully, that won’t be your story now that you know these 4 strategies.

Go forth into productive (and comfortable) practicing!

-Zach & The Miistro Blog Team

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