Last week, we talked about 4 ways that learning music makes your life better.

Did you know that learning music also makes you a better, more balanced, more caring person?

We wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true!


Many of you have kids in music lessons. While it’s wonderful to watch them get better, we also know that learning an instrument is actually about more than just music. So this week on the Miistro blog, we’re doing a deep dive into the 5 incredible ways that honing your musical craft makes you (or your kid!) a better human. Let’s get to it!

Teamwork and Performance Skills

As a budding musician, your child will have opportunities to play with others: In the school band, a choir, a garage band, or something unique of their own design. Doing this teaches them hyper-valuable teamworking skills: Trusting and challenging his band mates, commiserating when things don’t go as planned, and celebrating when they do! On top of all that, playing in groups means your student will get to perform live. These thrilling & confronting experiences will teach your child to contend with stage fright. Scary? Sure. But also incredibly beneficial.

Certainly there are tons of opportunities like this for your kids in any of our hubs, like London, Toronto, Hamilton or Kitchener/Waterloo. If you’re looking for places for your kids to play in your area, drop us a line.

Social Skills and Emotional Development

Listening to their own playing and then to the parts of other musicians around them, students tend to become different than others in their friend groups. How? Studies show that students who learn musical instruments tend to be emotionally stable and more eager to show empathy towards others. How amazing is that? Learning music can make your youngster a better listener and a force for good in the world!

Perseverance and Risk-Taking

Learning to play an instrument takes hard work and hours of practice. In our fast-paced “give it to me now!” culture, it’s not often kids are asked to do something difficult where they have to show up again and again in order to get results. Yet, we adults know that discipline and hard work are the real keys to success. These tough skills have to be learned sometime and music makes it all the more rewarding. It’s a wonderful way to teach the value of perseverance.

Culture & History

The more you study the breadth of music, the more you learn about the world around you. If your youngster only listens to pop or rock, then she’s going to have a very limited appreciation of the emotions music can evoke. What about the frenzy of discovery in jazz? Or the deep tradition we find in folk music? Every piece of music represents a different world, a story in itself, and studying an instrument not only exposes your young student to new genres, but provides a window into the cultures that birthed those genres.

Sense of Achievement

At first, learning a new chord or scale is a victory in itself. As you grow, you’ll celebrate learning a full piece or nailing an extra-tricky passage. Advancing more, you’ll then transition into interpretation and creation. Conveying a known piece in a fresh & emotive way is a beautiful thing. And what can match the thrill and expression of creating something wholly original? Overcoming musical challenges will develop great pride in your youngster and that self-actualization is legitimately life-changing.

Of course we want our kids to grow into wonderful, well-adjusted, balanced individuals. But let’s be honest! Most of us have daily routines so busy that it’s a luxury we don’t have to stop and consider this kind of stuff for any amount of time.

Here’s the thing: When you enroll your kids in music lessons, you can bank on a future full of the kinds of wins we described above. We really believe this. So, as soon as you’re ready to get started, click here to start our easy 3 step process and meet your new music teacher.

Happy learning!

-Zach & The Miistro Blog Team

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