Here at Miistro, we believe that music lessons are about more than just playing an instrument!

Ever wonder why we’re so adamant about it?

There are actually massive, study-backed benefits for you and your kids that come baked into learning a musical instrument. Really life-changing stuff.


So this week on the Miistro blog, we’re going back to basics to remind you about the reasons why music lessons are so important. We really think you’re going to love these 4 ways that learning music actually makes your life better!

Creativity, Self-Expression and Confidence

Music helps your youngster to be more creative. Healthy self-expression can prevent struggles with depression later in life but studies are showing that young people have fewer and fewer opportunities these days to use their imaginations. Like, at all! But music lessons change that! With an instrument acting as a conduit for your child’s imagination, she child is empowered to create something from nothing, and that is valuable.

Academic Achievements and Memory

Check this out: Studies have shown that students with experience playing music score considerably higher on SAT tests than students with no musical experience. How? Playing a musical instrument flexes memory and concentration power. Playing music is literally a work out for our brains. With your youngster’s brain hitting the proverbial gym every day, it will be more equipped to perform better in other areas, like school! Cool right?

Coordination and Breathing

When playing music, you’re tasking your body and brain with coordinating your eyes, hands and mind at a fast pace. Not only will hand-eye coordination start to improve significantly, but the respiratory system will strengthen for kids playing wind and brass instruments, like the flute, sax or trumpet. What about drummers, guitarist and pianists? Youngsters playing these physically demanding instruments will see improved dexterity and strength. That’s right, playing music is literally good for your kid’s health!

Management Skills and Responsibility

Is it time for your kids to take on more responsibility? Well as a music student, you’re on the hook for taking care of your instrument. You’re expected to maintain a practice schedule and keep track of your sheet music & gear like cables, reeds, or metronome. With Miistro teachers in London, Waterloo, Hamilton and Toronto, your youngsters will even be taught to keep a practice log and set goals for themselves. These responsibilities all add up to valuable time management and organizational skills that will lead to career success whether your child pursues a work in music or another field altogether!

It’s hard to slow down and think about these kinds of things, isn’t it? It’s a busy, noisy world out there and most days we’re just trying to get dinner ready without burning the kitchen down.

We get it, but get this: Enrolling your kids in music lessons is one of the best ways to guarantee that the kinds of wins we talked about above will be in your kid’s future. So when you’re ready to find the perfect teacher for you or your kids, just click here to start our easy 3 step process.

Happy learning!

-Zach & The Miistro Blog Team

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